Micro Frets Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars Made in the U.S.A.

T.V. Jones Pickups Made in WA
Parts Machined Locally
Woodworking by Micro Frets


A multistage rocket uses two or more stages to reach it's destination. Treat yourself to a Micro Frets Stage II to launch your sound into space. You are in the captains chair when choosing your options. With a Stage II you won't want to return to Earth. Seen in the hands of legends such as Carl Perkins, The Statler Brothers,  Loretta Lynn's band and more.

Meet The Stage II


Sing to the rock gods with a Micro Frets Signature. Made famous by Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad in the early seventies, the Signature saw a lot of stage time by other famous acts including Johnny Cash's band, Carl Perkins and many more. Join this elite club of musicians by ordering your instant classic today.

Meet The Signature


Explore a galaxy of sounds with your very own Spacetone guitar. A classic from the start, Spacetones have been spotted in a diverse group of musicians such as Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), and Conway Twitty (country legend). Order yours in Martian Sunburst and be the envy of your solar system. 

Meet The Spacetone