Micro Frets History

Founded by Ralph Jones, Micro Frets was conceived in the mid 60’s.  Originally named “Micro Tech,” the name was changed to “Micro Frets.” Ground broke on a  15,000 square foot 2 story blue steel factory on Grove Road in Frederick, Maryland late 1966 with an official opening early 1967.

Four models of guitars were introduced in ’67. The given names were Orbiter, Huntington, Plainsman and Covington. Over the years these models were either dropped from production or evolved into others. More models were added including basses and baritones.

Less than 3,000 units were produced, with production halting when the factory closed in 1975. Remaining tooling, guitars and parts were auctioned off.

In 2004, Will Meadors and Paul Rose revived the brand and made roughly 2-dozen guitars before closing down to pursue other interests.

Skip to 2017, Micro Frets is going back into production to honor the 50th anniversary of the birth of Micro Frets. Our goal is to keep the dream of wonderfully crafted mid 60’s Space Age design with modern playability alive.